Erik Sing’ “Leave You Alone” Ft. Isabella Fortuna Goes Out For Toxic Relationship Victims

Blues, pop, and folk intertwined with cathartic guitars.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Melbourne producer Erik Sing explores a dark relationship that hits you like the Bubonic plague and leaves toxic after effects in his new single “Leave You Alone” featuring the mesmeric vocals of Isabella Fortuna. Built on smoky atmospherics, the track has an irresistible hook that quickly becomes viral in your mind as Isabella exhales the words “Leave you alone.” Tapping into our vulnerability towards someone who dominates us even after breakup, it is a reflective piece that reveals the unbroken emotional ties that keep pulling back to him or her. Watch the video below:

“It’s about being so attached to someone that it seems impossible to leave them alone, even when the relationship is over,” Sing shared.

We don’t know much about Erik Sing, but you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.