Joe Hicks Taps Into Mind-Spiraling, Hypnotic Lust With “Rush”

Blues, pop, and folk intertwined with cathartic guitars.

Photo: Courtesy of Blocc Blocc PR

If there was any sophisticated-er way to describe madness-inducing lust we feel for someone to the point that resembles anxiety symptoms, there’s only one answer: Joe Hicks’ “Rush.” The British pop/folk artist ties the blood-rushing and blindfolding bliss an individual can gift (or curse) us in gleaming layers of percussions. The guitar strings have their own pulse in this track, generating hooks that are the crossover between pop and folk. While there is always that rhythmic catchiness of pop in the song, Joe doesn’t let his guitar step out of the main spotlight. The bluesy air throughout “Rush” add a subtle dose of steaminess:

Originally from the rural market town of Newbury, Berkshire, Joe Hicks released his solo single “Best Clothes” at the beginning of this year. The 26-year-old has already gained critical acclaim from radio stations and been playlisted in Spotify and Souncloud collections worldwide.