Retro Culture Takes Us To The Starry Heights Of Synthpop In ‘Wonderland On The Radio’

Made in Wonderland.

Photo: Retro Culture Facebook

Retro Culture’s EP Wonderland On The Radio is synthpop drenched with nocturnal grandeur – the ethereal beats and grand-sized synths breathe into your system with a bone-chilling endorphin rush. From the exhilarating opener “Heart Attack” to the quiet intimate “Us,” the EP frames the raw lesions, intensity, and vulnerability of the human heart into a pastiche of synthpop. In “No Longer There,” Retro Culture takes you into an ambient pop waltz where he pulls your heartstrings with soulful chords. Yet, he veers towards dubstep waters in “Calling” where the cascading thumps take you to the intense peak of heartbreak. Stream the entire EP below:

Matt Connelly is the Melbourne-based singer/songwriter behind Retro Culture, who has been making waves around international radios and amassing thousands of streams with his single “Calling.” He even released a Napoleon Dynamite-inspired music video for it, which you can watch below:

As of now, Retro Culture hasn’t announced any new show dates.