Rows’ “Simplicity” Is The Illegitimate Offspring Of Pop & Rock

This is what happens when rock bangs pop by the coast.

Photo: Rows Facebook

As we near the fall equinox, it is our mission to help you wrap up summer with the best end-of-summer jams that will make you party til the last sun-kissed days. And Rows’ “Simplicity” is one banger that you can’t exit this season without knowing. “Simplicity” has the sparkling texture of summer pop interwoven with cavernous beats that yield a zealous oomph. The track siphons its melodic structure from coastal pop, but is electronically stretched to the grandiosity of rock, making it a perfect summer jam. Stream below:

We don’t know much about Rows except that it’s a duo from LA who wants to remain in cyber ninja-mode on social media (or is too lazy to decorate the “About” section). But they are on Facebook and Twitter.