Florist’s New Album ‘If Blue Could Be Happiness’ Is For Your Daily Existentialism

For humans only.

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media & Management

Indie folk trio, Florist, explores the pains and joys of that we experience as we age in their new album If Blue Could Be Happiness. Tapping into the lesions of a broken heart, Florist tries to find solace in the changes we face while going through life hurdles. The album is built on a slowcore, soft pop structure that aims at creating a meditative space for its listeners to shuffle through memories and process thoughts. The humming lyrics and shiny chords exudes a tranquility that nudges you to find the light at the end of your existential road. Stream below:

Comprised of Emily Sparague, Rick Spataro, and Jonnie Baker, Florist formed in Catskill Mountains (New York) back in 2012. If Blue Could Be Happiness is the trio’s sophomore album and navigates through the changes we all go through in life: death of a parent, little pleasures, setbacks, etc. As of now, Florist is on tour:

9/26 – The Bottleneck (Lawrence, KS, USA)

9/27 – 89th Street (Oklahoma City, OK, USA)

9/28 – Walter’s Downtown (Houston, TX, USA)

9/29 – Barracuda (Austin, TX, USA)

9/30 – Club Dada (Dallas, TX, USA)

10/2 – The Perch at Tricky Falls (El Paso, TX, USA)

10/3 – Club Congress (Tucson, AZ, USA)

10/5 – The Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

10/6 – The Irenic (San Diego, CA, USA)

10/7 – Constellation Room (Santa Ana, CA, USA)

10/8 – Troubadour (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

10/10 – The Catalyst (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

10/11 – Slim’s (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/12 – The Holland Project (Reno, NV, USA)

10/14 – Bluebird Theater (Denver, CO, USA)

10/16 – Gabe’s (Iowa City, IA, USA)

10/17 – Total Drag Records (Sioux Falls, SD, USA)

10/18 – The Aquarium (Fargo, ND, USA)

10/19 – 7th St. Entry (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

10/20 – The Back Room at Colectivo (Milwaukee, WI, USA)

10/21 – The Rathskeller (Madison, WI, USA)

10/22 – Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL, USA)

10/24 – DC9 (Washington, DC, USA)

10/25 – Boot & Saddle (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

10/26 – The Middle East (Upstairs) (Cambridge, MA, USA)

10/27 – The Park Church Co-Op (Brooklyn, NY, USA)