Kill The Ideal Triggers Our Fight Not Flight Response In Their New Video “Dangerous”

“Baby lately it seems maybe there’s a crazy change of pace”

Photo: Kill The Ideal – Dangerous! (Official Music Video) YouTube

UK rock trio, Kill The Ideal, takes us into a mini saga of the rise of a new hero in their new video “Dangerous.” We encounter a janitor at an old building who steps into the role of superhero when a group of masked robbers threaten the life of his love interest. It is packed with action and has a punch of humor into it. Watch below:

“The video demonstrates that appearances can be deceiving. We went full on Die-Hard shooting this music video and wanted to create something that shows that anyone can be dangerous if they put their mind to it,” explained the band.

“Dangerous” is from Kill The Ideal’s upcoming self-titled EP, which will be out on October 17th. As of now, they have show dates coming up so see them live:

9/29 – Pi Bar (Leicester, UK)

9/30 – Thinking Cap Alldayer (Leeds, UK)

10/28 – 2Q Festival (Lincoln, UK)