Ravellas Waltzes With Our Hedonistic Desires In “Colour Me Sweet”

Tongue-in-cheek slice of disco rock.

Photo: Courtesy of Ravellas

Yes, the tall dude is naked and we had to crop out his crotch, but to atone (?) for it we are sharing Ravellas’ “Colour Me Sweet” – your indie rock solution for all your hedonistic desires. It is a bouncy piece that beats with a disco pulse while striking your nerves with rock fervor. The carpe diem vibe in “Colour Me Sweet” resonates our desire to make the most out of the last days of summer weather before fall buries us in ugly sweaters. But again, we’ll probably be partying with this song in ugly sweaters and whiskey. Cheers to that:

Ravellas is a Manchester quartet who formed back in January 2016 and has amassed over 230k streams with their single “Puppettes.” They toured alongside Highly Suspect and have played at numerous festivals this summer. They have a show tonight:

9/30 – The Old Courts (Wigan, UK)