Coucheron’s Remix Of Emily Warren’s “Something To Hold On To” Will Get You Closer To Dancefloor Enlightenment


Photo: Courtesy of No Big Deal PR. In case you want to check out his butt.

Norwegian mememaster/hummus aficionado, Coucheron, decided to endow us with his latest golden remix of Emily Warren’s “Something To Hold On To” so we can get a little closer to achieving enlightenment on the dancefloor. The remix hits the spot just like hummus – at first, the beats subtly start waltzing into your ears before they burst into an exquisite cathartic feast. Coucheron toys between silent moments where he allows Warren’s vocals to flourish and pure melodic momentums where the splitting beats and synth loops yield quirky climaxes. Stream below:

When Coucheron isn’t hummus-hunting, he is snatching Grammy nominations, building millions of streams, and collaborating with artists like Kehlani. As of now, he has some tour dates coming up so see him live:

10/11 – The Moroccan Lounge (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

10/13 – Popscene (San Francisco, CA, USA)

10/18 – Flash (Washington, DC, USA)

10/19 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY, USA)

10/20 – Newspeak (Montreal, QC, USA)