Royaume Celebrates Diversity, Acceptance & Confidence In Their New Empowering Video “If We”


Photo: Royaume – If We YouTube

Parisian duo, Royaume, uses their hitgasmic beats and vocal prowess in their new single “If We” – an empowering synthpop ballad that promotes a message of unity, embracing diversity, and building confidence. The video shows an army of rad gals who come from different ethnic backgrounds, yet exude the same air of badassery that can only grow out of confidence. With bouncy beats and chest-swelling ambiance, “If We” takes you on an otherworldly spectrum where the words of vocalist Yumi Aoki whirl into your ears and hypnotize you into a dreamy euphoria. Play below:

In regards to the song, Yumi explained how “it’s important to build a strong self-confidence, especially for women. A strong voice that speaks to your values can ensure awareness and manifest change. Intersectionality, diversity and inclusivity are the future.”

The other half of Royaume is Moon Boy, the multi-instrumentalist/producer who is the architect of Royaume’s soundscape. The duo met at an after party and quickly started collaborating together after discovering that they shared similar music tastes. The duo has already amassed 500k streams and has gained critical acclaim from the press. As of now, they are working on their debut EP.