Black Futures Teaches Us The Human Condition In Their New Video “Karma Ya Dig!?”

Existential odyssey.

Photo: Black Futures – Karma Ya Dig!? YouTube

If you need to learn the meaning of “human condition,” ditch Wikipedia and watch Black Futures’ new video “Karma Ya Dig!?” The industrial noise-punk duo takes us into a surrealistic existential odyssey where we encounter the cosmos, immortality, war, and microorganisms. It places us into an ambivalent position – the visuals remind us of how small and big we are at the same time. The dark, retro cinematography captures the early 90s sci-fi ambience and reminds us of the incessant enigma that surrounds the human condition. Watch below:

“Karma Ya Dig?” is the debut release of the London-based duo who has a show date coming up. Make sure to see them live:

10/5 – Bloc (London, UK)


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