Imitating Aeroplanes Shows Us How To Avoid The Apocalypse In “Stomping Ground”

In case of a meteorite, go to the nearest bridge.

Photo: Imitating Aeroplanes – Stomping Ground YouTube

When one dimension is about to be hit by a meteorite, you can either meet your dooming fate or avoid it like Imitating Aeroplanes does in the new video “Stomping Ground.” Directed by Anna Leijonhielm, the video is a crossover between fantasy and sci-fi that portrays realistically what we would all do in the face of an abrubt apocalypse: confusion. There’s no Hollywood-esque drama going on, but just three dudes who woke up from binge-watching TV and now have to deal with the end of the world. Would you follow a fairy when the world is about to explode but you’re still too hungover to deal with it? Fuck yeah:

“The music video is about three humans being awakened by a fireball from their deep sleep in a world full of things just happening. As a creature leads them into a different space, the fear is short-lived as they dare to follow her. Will their eyes be closed or open?” shared the Director Leijonhielm.

“Stomping Ground” is from Imitating Aeroplanes’ album, Planet Language, which was released on September 22 of this year. As of now, the Norwegian duo has a show coming up:

12/2 – BLÅ (Oslo, Norway)