If You Need 80s Groove, Brandon Is Your Retrowave Dude

Nostalgically cinematic.

Photo: Brandon Facebook

We don’t know much about Brandon other than he is a Brandon who crafts booty-shaking 80s groove that takes you straight back to the era that we are copying right now. His songs capture the glory of old school dancefloor where you can’t help but spin like a shiny disco ball. With titles such as “Bevery Hills Girls,” “Vice,” “Testarossa” and “The Traveller,” the vibe of Brandon’s songs is a cocktail of Californian-kissed dreams and Hollywood-esque lust. As a result, the retrowave sound that Brandon builds is one that is nostalgically cinematic:

So far, we know Brandon is from the UK and debuted his EP Neon Haze back in August 11, 2016. This year, he’s been dropping bunch of singles sporadically and still hasn’t shared his identity. You can find him on Facebook and Instagram.