OKBADLANDS Takes Us Into The Smoky Territories Of Indietronica In ‘Tiny Measures’

Your new chilltronica EP.

Photo: Georgia Hagemeijer

Aussie duo, OKBADLANDS, have debuted Tiny Measures and for an EP with such title, it is playfully deceiving – all the five tracks are big emotional and experiential measures of the duo that feel like ours as well. Anchored by soft indietronic production, most of the tracks emit a smoky ambience that provides a comforting melodic space where the gals can peel off different layers of emotions to their raw cores. Enlisting the help of Golden Vessel (who produced four of the tracks) and GXNXVS (who produced the final track), OKBADLANDS have found the perfect midpoint between chilling and contemplating:

“Each song on the EP reflects our thoughts or feelings on particular matters. They personify events that impacted us personally and really helped us process them,” explained OKBADLANDS.

Kate Gurren and Sally Latter are the masterminds behind OKBADLANDS who have already gotten radio plays for their track “PTY LTD” on Triple J (Australian radio station). As of now, they haven’t shared any show dates.