Deep City Diver’s Debut Album Is For All Of Us Who Feel Too Young To Be This Old

This is the album that you want your biopic’s soundtrack to be like

Photo: Courtesy of Deep City Diver

When you listen to UK’s Deep City Diver’s self-titled debut album, you can’t help but think about your life – and by that, we mean the glorious and Hollywood-esque moments you’ve experienced that are worth billions of screens. So omitting all the lame moments you’ve been Netflixing, filing taxes, and Googling “tomato vs. tomatoe,” you start processing the major changes, heartbreaks, and realizations you’ve encountered as you delve deeper into the album. Deep City Diver’s album is a memento of various instances of one’s life that has left a permanent imprint onto his or her persona. It is a string-heavy record that elevates you to a nostalgic atmosphere where the hypnotic lyrics fade you into memories. This is lullaby rock to your consciousness where each song puts you into a dreamy state. Stream below:

“For me the album is almost like a mixtape for my emerging adulthood. Because the songs were written over so many years, each one documents a very specific moment in time” explained vocalist Ryan Nicolussi. “The songs explore similar themes – love and loss, isolation and unity – the differences become how you deal with them as you grow older.”

Formed back in 2015 in Hackney, East London, Deep City Diver is comprised of members from Sydney and Stoke-on-Trent. Their debut record is a product of sound and experiences that date back even before the band’s inception. Nico actually wrote the track “As the Crow Flies” during his teen years. Blending English new wave with shoegazy rock, Deep City Diver frames existential complexities into comforting sounds. As of now, they have show dates coming up:

10/20 – The Underground (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)

10/21 – Blondies (London, UK)