SAVEUS Captures The Bystander Effect In “Watch The World”

For antiheroes.

Photo: Morten Rygaard

Danish singer, SAVEUS, deviates from the standard narrative of being the hero and instead focuses on being the observer in his new single “Watch The World.” For a song that takes us into the mind of a bystander, it makes us far more conscious of our own actions. “Watch The World” doesn’t get you distracted with some heroic quixotism; on the contrary, it pushes you closer to an oh-shit-that’s-me realization. The thundering dark beats lock you into the midpoint between groove and muse, where SAVEUS’ voice explodes at the right moments. “Watch The World” is a graceful crossover between galactic pop and soul, where no bystander – including SAVEUS – is at the mercy of being charged for antiheroism. Play below

“‘Watch the World’ is a note to myself. It’s a reminder that I’m an accomplice in this new world order where rules for common sense is changing. Worst part is that I don’t do anything about it. I just watch.” shared SAVEUS.

Martin Hedegaard is the 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer behind SAVEUS who crafts sci-fi inspired pop (which explains the cosmic aura his sound exudes). He started performing under the moniker SAVEUS back in 2015 and his single “Levitate Me” burned up the charts in Denmark, becoming an iTunes topper. For “Watch The World,” Martin worked with one of Kanye’s favorite studio engineer and co-producer, Andrew Dawson. As of now, he has tour dates coming up next year:

Europe 2018 tour

3/22 – Walthers Musikcafé (Skanderborg, Denmark)***SOLD OUT

3/23 – Tøjhuset (Fredericia, Denmark)

3/24 – Turbinen (Randers, Denmark)

3/29 – Posten (Odense, Demark)

3/30 – Skråen (Aalborg, Denmark)

3/31 – Train (Aarhus, Denmark)

4/5 – Store Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)

4/6 – Gimle (Roskilde, Denmark)

4/7 – Slagelse Musikhus (Slagelse, Denmark)

4/12 – Kulturhuset Viften (Rødovre, Denmark)

4/13 – Folkets Hus (Struer, Denmark)

4/14 – Vershuset (Næstved, Denmark)