Davys’ “Down South” Is Rock For The Melting Pot

Sound for the hodgepodge crowd.

Photo: Davys – Down South YouTube

Crime scene investigator, damsel in distress, priest, and all kinds of people gather together to attend a concert in Davys’ video “Down South.” The video is surreal and has a punch of humor to it that despite its offbeat elements, they go well together for the storyline. This same outré combination can be found in the melody where Davys showcases genre-slicing mastery of indie rock and experimental beats. Finding the balance point between gritty chords and suave atmosphere, Davys crafts a sound that speaks to a wide range of listeners:

“Deep South” is from Davys’ upcoming debut LP, This Is Where I Leave You, which will be out on October 27th. Jacopop Cislaghi is the mastermind behind Davys, who is also the frontman of The Red Roosters – one of the youngest Italian rock bands that gained critical acclaim for their EP No Disgrace. As of now, Davys has some show dates coming up:

10/27 – Spazio Ligera (Milano, Italy)

11/17 – Madame Claude (Berlin, Germany)

11/30 – Pop In (Paris, France)

12/1 – Lokarria (Lille, France)

12/2 – Parkroad Café (The Hague, Netherlands)