Find Yourself While Dancing With HICARI’s “You Lost Me”

Catchy move-on song.

Photo: Courtesy of HICARI

UK-based electropop trio, HICARI, takes us into a rite-of-passage dance with the new single “You Lost Me” – a hook-loaded piece that radiates all the glimmering trimmings of big pop and serves as an intimate reflection of changes. The trio, who has gone through lineup and sound changes, is paving a new creative trajectory with “You Lost Me.” While the single still conveys the mood-boosting, upbeat air, it has a far more polished melodic arrangement and catchier lyrics that showcase ambitious growth. Stream below:

“Its a story about us finding our way as individuals and pushing through the hard times we have faced in the past,” shared lead singer Shai. “It’s funny as the lyrics ‘You lost Me’ would seem negative but the meaning is more positive in its direction. This song for each of us relates to friendships, relationships and past feelings of moving on and moving past different stages in our life. I think its safe to say were excited to see where this journey takes us!”

Comprised of Ryan Bickley (vocals & keys), Shayaan Oshidar (vocals), and Tatsu Aiki (guitar & saxophone), HICARI became widely known for their debut single “Cath Fire.” They’ve already played in big festivals, including LIMF and Fusion Festival, and have garnered million streams with their collaboration on one of Anki’s album tracks. As of now, they haven’t disclosed any new tour dates yet.