Y.O.U.N.G Teaches Us How To Flush Out Δsshοles Outta Your Life In “Exposure”

Hip hop, punk, and soul fusion.

Photo: Y.O.U.N.G Facebook

Manchester rap/pop-rock quintet, Y.O.U.N.G, outs out all the unnecessary assholes that you’ve somehow hoarded throughout your life in their new single “Exposure.” Moving at a neck-breaking speed, “Exposure” injects you with an invigorating fury as you let the cascading beats of adrenaline drive you into the dancefloor. Everything in the song feels like it’s happening all at once – the explosive melody and bursting choruses create a blissful chaos that hits you with the realization that you need to snap out some people out of your existence. Stream below:

“‘Exposure’ is about outing those who need to be outed. Everybody encounters liars, cheats and blaggers in their life who deserve to be exposed. In essence ‘Exposure’ is a final word to anyone who deserves not to be in your life,” shared rapper Ben James.

The other members of the Y.O.U.N.G are Chez Davis (vocals/guitar), James Skehan (guitar/production), Tom Whitehead (bass), and Graeme Smith (drums). The band’s genre-splicing sound is the product of different musical backgrounds including hip-hop, punk, soul, and dance. The quintet has recently wrapped up their summer European tour and will be announcing another European tour soon, which will include London, Paris, Ambsterdam, Brussels, and Warsaw. Stay tuned.