dePresno’s EP ‘The Last Of The Romantics’ Is Basic-Free, Classy Pop We Need

It’s good.

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Norwegian rising singer, dePresno, is what pop needs right now – a new voice that bridges classy pop with contemporary one without relying on lamestream distracting beats. His EP, The Last Of The Romantics, is a collection of songs that has substance and does not rely on particular hooky beats to get your attention. Instead, the hooks of his songs are the buoyant ambiance he constructs and the melodic twists that hit different emotional pressure points. From romances to self-reflections, The Last Of The Romantics covers universal themes that never expire:

“I realised that music isn’t just the heart wrenching, getting out of a hard situation remedy…it can also be a comedy or capturing a funny moment…and having travelled around different studios and meeting a lot of fun people I ended up writing a lot of fun songs…and that doesn’t mean I have moved away from being emotional or melancholic, I’m just tapping into different emotions.. and hopefully ‘The Last of The Romantics’ can capture a piece of me that I haven’t shown before…” shared dePresno.

Hailing from the small city of Bergen, dePresno grew up listening to Dylan, Bob Marley, and many others that sparked his early passion for music. While he grew up in a small city, his upbringing is nowhere near basic – he has had more than 20 foster siblings and traveled 50 countries. Not to mention how his hometown is a musician factory that has produced some of the biggest names including AURORA, Röysksopp, Kygo, and others. As of now, dePresno has some show dates coming up:

10/12 – Studentsamfunnet Driv, Trømso, Norway

10/14 – Ludo Bar & Scene, Harstad, Norway

10/28 – John Dee, Oslo, Norway

11/3 – Studenthuset Rokken, Volda, Norway

11/10 – USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway

11/11 – Storsalen, Trondheim, Norway