MNKYBSNSS Takes Us In An Eerily Hypnotic Electronica Party In “Something’s Missing”

Teens nowadays…

Photo: MNKYBSNSS Facebook

MNKYBSNSS (pronounced as “Monkey Business”…or something like that) takes us into a dark story of drugs, youth, and partying in their video “Something’s Missing”. Combining elements of electronica and ambience, MNKYBSNSS opens a dark meditative space out of sound. It is haunting, but there is a soothing hookiness in the synth structure that is magnetizing – once you get sucked into it, you get carried away. “Something’s Missing” sheds light to our hedonistic desires into pure electronic and visual forms. Play below:

“Something’s Missing” is from MNKYBSNSS’ debut album Timeless, which came out on May 19th. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, MNKYBSNSS is comprised of Mono Urina and Kike Velez who started songsculpting together in 2013. Their debut EP Normal Operations was a wide success, which led them to international tours and record deal with Sony. They recorded Timeless back in August 2016 with Poolside’s producer Filip Nikolic. Since the release of their new album, MNKYBSNSS has been touring, so go see them live:

9/16 – Unknown venue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Bucaramanga, Colombia)

9/30 – Antiguo Auditorio Lumiere (Bgotoa, Colombia)

10/6 – Breakfest 2017 (Medellín, Colombia)

10/21 – La Fabryka (Cali, Colombia)

10/27 – La Fabrica de Atardeceres (Manizales, Colombia)

11/3 – Victoria Club (Barranquilla, Colombia)