Practice Open-Mindedness On the Dancefloor With Eric Sharp’s “Take This Time” Ft. Zhao

You can trust him. He has professor beard.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Los Angeles producer, Eric Sharp, teams up with soul singer Zhao to address the current political and social climate in the US in his new indie dance single “Take This Time.” This lush party-opener piece is not loaded with righteous lyrics, but rather gives us the dark portrayal of what close-mindedness is costing us. Instead of claiming what is right or wrong, Eric delivers a message of openness. The moodiness of “Take This Time” provides an emotional reflection while the splashing synths keeps you grounded. The melodic bursts balances out the dark tones, making the track a reminder and energizer at the same time. Stream below:

“‘Take This Time’ speaks directly to the reality that individual closed mindedness is literally costing human lives on a consistent basis. If people could open their minds and hearts more, a much better world is possible. Currently we seem stuck in cycles of hatred and otherness. The song is imbued with a deep sadness around this fact, and a more general poignancy around missed opportunities and unrealized potential,” explained Eric.

The single is from Eric’s upcoming EP, Eric Sharp and Friends, which will be out in early 2018.