The Fjords Peel Off The Different Layers Of Abusive Relationship In Their Video “Lost”

“So where are we now?”

Photo: Geir Mogen

Norwegian quartet, The Fjords, gives us an explicit and genuine illustration of the effect that abusive relationships can have on people in their new video “Lost.” This stop motion video showcases various sketches of famous people who deteriorate – both emotionally and physically – from being in an abusive relationship. Whether they are the abuser or victim, each sketch demonstrates the deterioration of one’s identity from being trapped in that cycle. It is a raw and simple, yet channels a heavy intensity:

“‘Lost’ is about the long and hazardous way out of an abusive relationship. It’s about finding your way out of a fantasy world that’s been pulled over your eyes”, frontman Petter Vagån explained. “You can say ‘Lost’ is about the emotional ambivalence and confusion that arises when love, hate, dependence and coersion all collide in a perfect storm, orchestrated in this case by a manipulative bastard.”

The Fjords started off as the solo project of Petter at Trondheim Jazz Conservatory and grew to what it is now when Oscar Grönberg (synth, vocals), Bardur Reinert Poulsen (bass, synth, vocals) and Kim Christer Hylland (drums, electronics, vocals) joined the gang. They’ve already gained critical acclaim from various international outlets and have built a soli fanbase across Europe. No tour date announcements yet.