Titus Makin Gives Us A Snapshot Of Our Personal Tug-Of-War In “Ropes”

Endorphin-boosting synthpop.

Photo: Courtesy of Project Light Agency

When you first watch Titus Makin’s “Ropes,” he may look very familiar to you. And by familiar, he looks like Clarke from Pretty Little Liars or David from Glee. You’re not hallucinating because he played, indeed, all those characters. But in “Ropes” Titus channels his inner Adam Levine/Pharrell, where he exhales an infectious smile through his lyrics. With a waltzy and airy rhythm, Titus takes you into a self-reflection of your own inner battles. His voice has a high-pitch smoothness that is revitalizing and amplifies the buoyant air in the track. Watch the video below:

“‘Ropes’ is about the constant war we have with ourselves every single day! When we want to do good but evil is always present with us. The inward battle of trying to rid yourself of old harmful habits and cling to the healthy. Keeping your connection to God & not turning away trying to fulfill your own selfish desires” shared Titus.

Originally from Arizona, Titus moved to LA to pursue his acting and musical career. He has featured in many hit shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Star-Crossed, and others. He is currently playing Caleb Mathews on Hulu’s The Path. As of now, Titus is planning to release his next single “Good Love” in the next few weeks and work on his second EP, Lean.