Glassmaps Gives Us A Psychedelic Taste Of His Upcoming Album ‘Strangely Addicted’

The solo project of Howling Bells’ guitarist Joel Stein.

Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor PR

Just like the photo above, Glassmaps takes us into a smudged melodic canvass where it’s been brushed with psychedelia and kaleidoscopic synths in his single “Hypnotised” from his upcoming album Strangely Addicted. The song takes off with hazy guitar strings and fuzzy atmospherics that whirls you into an otherworldly state. Amidst the abstractness, Glassmaps conveys an emotional concreteness throughout the track that helps our mind stay grounded. Regarding the track, he shared that it is about encountering a woman who is “wild and beautifu, so much so that it renders you helpless against her charm.” Play below:

In “I’m Sorry,” Glassmaps still hugs your ears with a narcotic warmth while he makes you deal with heart-ripping truth. “Sometimes the truth is the last thing you want to hear but it’s the only way we can move forward.” Play this while you check your bank account:

Also, while you’re at it, check out “Summer Rain” below:

Joel Stein, who is the lead guitarist of globally-acclaimed band Howling Bells, is the mastermind behind Glassmaps. After releasing four successful records with the band, Joel decided to embark in his solo project to recount his own experiences of love, existentialism, and loss that we can all relate. His upcoming album, Strangely Addicted, was recorded and produced at the home studio of Mark Stoermer, The Killers’ bassist, who also guested in “Summer Rain.” With the help of his Howling Bells’ bandmate, Glenn Moule (drums), Joel was able to polish his tracks and unveil a different end of his creativity with the record. It will be released on November 10th via The Manor Records.