Holy ‘57 Experiments With His Mixed Heritage, Memories, & Identity In His New Album ‘L’

Simple self-portrait of a complex background.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Holy ‘57’s new album, L, is a cocktail of genres that have been melted into one wholesome sound that is undeniably complex yet simply cool – just like his identity. The London-based artist peels off his multi-cultural background along with the ambivalent emotions that alienates him from others. His own ethnicity traces back to Indian and Greek roots; yet, he was raised in the UK. With these three cultural fusions, we find ourselves in an experimental universe as we journey through L. The opener, “Bombay – Nairobi – London (Repeater)” is a jazz-coated alternative piece where the trumpets and splashing cymbals rush through your skin as you listen to the narrative. Capturing the city’s chaos, it is an intense opener that puts you on your toes. Enjoy below:

Both “Alison” tracks rocket you to a dreamy spectrum before you land back with “A Fragile Thing.” Taking us up and down from track to track, Holy ’57 shuffle through his intimate memories that feel like ours. The most enigmatic moments are “(voicemail)” and “Walkie Talkie Reprise” where we hear snippents of recordings in a soft sound. These are the tracks that highlight the different pieces of puzzles that make up Holy ’57 – they are mysterious and short. They can only provide a glimpse of who Holy ’57 is – which is exactly what coming from an outré background as he does is about.

Alex Mankoo is the creative mind behind Holy ’57 who already has two albums under his belt, H and O. As of now, he has a show date coming up so go ask him which letter he’ll choose for his next record (we’re betting on “y”):

10/29 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)


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