Sara Diamond Captures The Reluctance To Let Go In Her Pop Single “Stay A Little”

Whether it is your relationship with someone or your phone, it never hurts to stay a little.

Photo: Courtesy of Sara Diamond

Sara Diamond gives us the exquisite taste of staying with someone that you clearly need to leave in her new single “Stay A Little.” Delineating all the long-term negative effects of keeping the relationship, Sara admits that the best way to move forward is leaving; however, she also gives us the intricate and complex portrayal of the emotional indulgence we get by staying with the person. With heartstring-pulling chords, Sara builds a soothing melodic nest to her listeners where she analyzes the ambivalent position she stands Stream below:

“‘Stay A Little’, exemplifies a step in the new direction. I want to give as much as possible. Sing wherever possible. Contribute wherever and whenever possible. The music isn’t about if it fits my brand. It’s about if it fits my values. If it is coming from a place of love. This roller coaster has driven me to want to make more music, and share it with people who need a helping hand along their own journey” explained Sara.

Hailing from Canada, Sara started singing at the age of four and moved to LA in October 2009 to be the member of the band called The Clique Girlz. While the band didn’t work out, Sara was able to gain firsthand experience with the music industry and explore her interests around that time. As of now, Sarah hasn’t announced any tour dates yet.