Dutch Party Recaptures The Classy Art Of Hustling In “Now And Later”

Hustle like it’s the 60s.

Photo: Ammo D’Or

LA-based Dutch Party teaches us life lessons that we all ought to take notes, memorize by rote, and carve it into our gravestones – in case you were living in Chacachacare (most deserted island in the world…not as fun as it sounds) in September, Dutch Party taught us how to get mugged and find love in Chinatown with their video “Blade Runner.” This time, the band is back with a new noir, 60s-inspired video “Now and Later” where we see the band members revive the art of classy hustling while hitting the streets of LA and dealing with a semi-trustable mustache guy. It’s not that we don’t trust the guy, but we don’t trust the mustache. The video’s cinematic aesthetics were largely inspired by frontman Ken Franklin’s love the 1961 movie The Hustler. Watch below:

With aerated drums and bouncy percussions, “Now and Later” is a lo-fi track where the warm buzz takes your mind hopscotching from one decade to another. At times, the song feels like a vintage piece that takes you back to your pre-pubescent days whereas in other moments you are thinking about the future. It is the perfect ADD piece that you could play now and later for hours.

Ken Franklin formed Dutch Party while he was living in Echo Park and since then, the band’s works have been featured in various TV networks and major press. “Now and Later” is from Dutch Party’s upcoming EP, Combat Pop, which will be out in fall 2017.