Lorne Blends Lush & Heartache In “Oil And Water”

“We did everything we could trying to collide”

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground

Usually breakup songs fall into a) it’s your fault b) asshole or c) nvm it’s me, not you. It’s an overused formula and when artists take a different approach, it gives you a different perception of the breakup. UK artist, Lorne, explores heartache from a different light in “Oil and Water” where, instead of using the blame finger, he simply admits that it’s an incompatible relationship. The piano-centric melody has moody undertones that resonate the pain and burdening acceptance of letting someone go. The use of religious imageries (“All the churches where we stopped are empty frames”) and lost memories (“All the places where we went have lost their names”) highlight the residues of a broken relationship. Watch Lorne perform the track in the video below:

“Like many songs, ‘Oil and Water’ was inspired by a relationship that didn’t work out. I liked the analogy ‘Oil and Water’ to describe two sides that fail to come together no matter how hard they try” explained Lorne.

Born in Berkshire, Lorne has quickly become one of the most promising artists in ambient pop with his single “Bread Alone,” which has been making waves across international press and radio. “Oil and Water” is from Lorne’s upcoming debut EP, Maze, which will be out on November 24.