Akiva Takes Us Into An Animated Dystopian Battle In “M.O.D.”

M.O.D. = Ministry of Defence

Photo: Courtesy of Lost In The Manor PR

With thundering guitar strikes and explosive drumbeats, UK quartet Akiva channels their political frustration and voice in their new animated video “M.O.D.” Taking us into a dystopian future where war and military violence burn the world down in flames, Akiva illustrates the absurd costs of power. The rumbling beats and echoing choruses gush with a hair-raising vibrato through your skin – as you continue listening to “M.O.D.” the intensity starts snowballing and before you feel like it’s about to burst, the track tunes down dramatically at 3:41. Despite the fury it transmits, Akiva ends “M.O.D.” on a silent note – capturing the peace that exists at the end of it. Watch below:

“The lyrics reflect the hypocrisy of the political class sending the soldiers out against the public’s wishes, while simultaneously praising their bravery on national television,” explained frontman Dave MacKenzie. “They also highlight the pointlessness and futility of the deaths and trauma inflicted on so many soldiers.”

Akiva is comprised of Dave MacKenzie (vocals, guitar), Malcolm Carter (guitar, vox), Rob Mercel (bass) and Dave Mercel (drums). The quartet debuted their first album, Can’t Buy Revolutions, back in February 2005 and since then have been making waves in the UK rock scene. As of now, Akiva hasn’t shared any new tour dates.