cln Takes Us To The Virtual Side Of Electronica In “The Other Side”

This is the soundtrack of your virtual reality.

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Listening to cln’s new track, “The Other Side,” feels like being in a simulation – within the electronic background, you can find dripping beats and distorted sound effects that all yield an otherworldly effect. The Brisbane producer creates another dimension within the noise, making you feel like you’re in a futuristic video game – aka virtual reality. “The Other Side” is a fresh, calming journey to the unexplored territories of electronica:

“I’ve been making a fairly broad range of music, and initially when I wrote this song I didn’t want to release it because it didn’t sound that much like ‘me’. It has come to grow on me though; I think it’s probably one of the better vocal parts I’ve written,” shared cln.

The song, produced in collaboration with Paris-based label Kitsuné, marks a new melodic trajectory for cln. Since the debut of his EP Found, cln has been touring Australia during the summer and built a wide fanbase. As of now, he hasn’t shared any new tour dates yet.