Mallrat’s “Better” Is You New Hibernation Anthem In Your Existential Cocoon

“But baby when the summer ends / I will drift away from all my friends”

Photo: Courtesy of No Big Deal PR

Aussie pop-rap songstress, Mallrat, captures the fall ADD that takes over our minds once summer ends in her new track “Better.” It is the type of epidemic where mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts that you forget to reply text back, hit your friend’s party, or even remember that you have friends. Nestled in the sweet spot between folksy pop and hip hop, “Better” feels like the sound of your own vice shuffling through memories and thoughts without any external interruptions. It is almost as if the track provides a sanctuary for you and your mind to muse over everything. Let’s hibernate:

“I wrote ‘Better’ over a year ago but it’s taken most of this time to get it sounding exactly how it does in my head, so thanks for waiting so patiently for new music. My dad says it’s his favourite song which makes me very excited to share it with everyone” shared Mallrat.

Originally from Brisbane, the 19-year-old debuted her EP Uninvited last year, which has already garnered 11 million Spotify streams. “Better” is her latest single and was co-produced by Konstantin Kersting and Andrew Dawson (Kanye West). Mallrat has some show dates coming up:

12/7 – Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane, QLD, Australia)

12/8 – The Workers Club (Fitzroy, VIC, Australia)

12/9 – The Landsdowne Hotel (Sydney, NSW, Australia)