Firewoodisland Takes Us Into A Journey Of Shadow Boxing & Tough Love In “Dearest Brother”

Soothing, melancholic picture of tough love.

Photo: Matt Gutteridge

UK quartet Firewoodisland tells us an offbeat story of self-discovery in their new video “Dearest Brother.” Shot in noir, the video follows a guy who faces his own inner demons as he faces hurdles in his relationships and goes shadow boxing. The monochromatic aesthetics remove any distractions and amplify the emotions of the characters while the crooning melody makes “Dearest Brother” soothing euphoric piece. Despite the mellow chords and soft vocals, “Dearest Brother” has tints of melancholia that capture the pain behind the practice of tough love:

“‘Dearest Brother’ is a song of compassion and tough love. It’s about watching friends getting hurt by bad decisions, letting them know that you’re there for them and about taking the brunt – as long as they do something to help themselves” explained Firewoodisland. The video is a journey of self-discovery following a young man’s story line of relationship, loneliness and shadow boxing. Filled with raw and bitter emotion, what happens when our hero faces up to his biggest enemy?”

The track is from the band’s upcoming debut album, which will be released sometime in 2018. As of now, the quartet has some show dates coming up:

10/21 – Exchange (Bristol, UK)

10/28 – The Nest (Bath, UK)