Saint Raymond Nails Our Guilty Pleasure Of Hitting Up Our Exes In “Nightcrawling”

“I’m nightcrawling to you”

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

80% of all the bad decisions related with your exes take place at night and Saint Raymond nails that guilty pleasure we all have in his new single “Nightcrawling.” It is a journey of bad habits where he escapes from the asphyxiating loneliness and goes on a quest to find the one person that should be avoided at all costs. The keyboard chords and strumming guitars drop in seductive motion as Saint Raymond confesses the forbidden determination to go back to an ex. Watch the lyric video below:

“I really enjoyed writing ‘Nightcrawling’. During the writing process I was aiming for something that was a bit heavier than what I usually do, and driven by the bass. Lyrically I was inspired by a friend who was going back to see their ex after a night out drinking and the song came together quickly in a day,” shared Saint Raymond.

Hailing from Nottingham, the UK singer has become one of the fastest growing names in UK’s rock scene. His debut album Young Blood became UK Top10 albums in 2015 and has supported Ed Sheeran throughout UK and Europe in 2014. “Nightcrawling” is from his upcoming EP, which will be out on November 17th. As of now, he has a show coming up:

10/20 – Kamio (London, UK)