Adam Prince King Pays Eccentric Tribute To Halloween In His New Video “Witches”

Good juju for the dancefloor.

Photo: Adam Prince King – WITCHES YouTube

UK eccentric pop royalty, Adam Prince King, dropped his hauntingly bizarre video “Witches” – think of it as Blair Project meets dark pop dancefloor. It is the King’s own way of paying tribute to Halloween by mixing up the paranormal eeriness with booty-shaking beat rituals. This is the track that needs to be placed at the top and bottom of your Halloween party playlist:

“It’s my favourite track from the EP as it has lots of unexpected twists and turns, it’s pop, but there definitely is a wonky element to it,” shared King.

“Witches” is from King’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which will be out later this year. King has already become one of the most watched artists in the UK. His debut music video “Flamingos” accumulated more than 100k views in just over a month and has been featured on Spotify’s Hiptronix Fresh Finds playlist. Get your copy of “Witches” here.