House & Pop Make Love In You Ears In Hedegaard’s “Ready To Love You”

Love in the house/pop galaxy.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Blending the bubbling synths of electropop and the fleeting ambiance of house, Hedegaard swipes us up to a glorious eargasm with his new single “Ready To Love You.” The initial seconds start off with a deceptively low-key tune before the wobbling chords, spirited bass, and buoyant samples take the harmony to the nirvanic levels. Despite the opulence of the tune, the atmosphere of the track feels loose and starry-eyed that makes you feel like you’re swinging in a house/pop galaxy where your ears are just ready to be loved:

If you don’t know who Hedegaard is then a) get out of the cave b) he’s a Danish producer c) his single “Happy Home” ft. Lukas Graham went 3x platinum in Denmark and Norway in 2014. For his latest single, Hedegaard made 62 versions (maybe more) before finalizing it…so you know he was really getting “Ready To Love You.”

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