Insanity, Love, & Mannequins Meet Les Mentettes’ “Dar El Brazo A Torcer”

Dar El Brazo A Torcer = Give In

Photo: Dar el brazo a torcer | Les Mentettes Vimeo

Argentinian band Les Mentettes crafts an indie pop sound that hovers in the experimental territory. Their vocals are hypnotic that leaves you with a subtle taste of surrealism into your ears. In their latest video, “Dar El Brazo A Torcer” (“Give In”), we see a woman undress mannequins during the late hours of the night. Directed by the Argentinian filmmaker, Michelle Gualda, the video is an enigmatic storyline that takes us into the small world of a woman where unexpected intimacy and emotions run deep. Watch below:

“‘Dar el brazo’ a torcer is a film about unrequited love. A woman works late night at a department store. She undresses the cold hard bodies of the mannequins in a tender manner destined only for human beings. A common place as if it was looked at for the first time and the feeling that anything can happen” explained Gualda.

Les Mentettes is a quintet from Buenos Aires who has shared stages with Pulp, Of Montreal, and Taihiti Boy & The Palmtree Family. They have built a solid fanbase throughout Argentina for their innovative sound and has been making waves globally. As of now, no tour dates have been announced.