LuvAbstract’s “Driveway” Is For All The Dates That Ended Too Soon

R&B pop

Photo: Victory Perrin

Ohio singer, LuvAbstract, gives us a melodic remedy for all the short dates we’ve had in his new single “Driveway.” Taking us into a rhythmic R&B space, the song blends cinematic romance and implicit lust that resemble the teenage rush someone can trigger from us. The jouncing synths and breezy ambiance makes “Driveway” a pop piece that your playlist would want to date:

“This story was written about me. Everyone has been in the situation where they want a few more moments to gain the courage to kiss that person. This song is a representation of how I felt during this date with ‘her,’” explained LuvAbstract

“Driveway” is from LuvAbstract’s upcoming EP, which he is planning to release in November.