Naaz’ “Up To Something” Is For All Of Us Who Are Doodling Our Future

For those who look like they’re doodling but in reality they are crafting the master plan.

Holland songstress, Naaz, gives us a colorful portrayal of home and freedom in her new video “Up To Something” where we see her in outré settings expressing her love for music. It is a festive video where Naaz parties solo and embraces her creative pursuit. Even in the scenes with her family, she is the only one who is singing and dancing – it is almost as if the external environment doesn’t affect her flair in anyway. The booming synths and joyous drums give the song an airy background that is expansive. Watch below

“This song is my soundtrack for hope & freedom, and makes me feel capable of anything,” explained Naaz. “Back in high school I used to spend my time alone during the breaks so I could write songs and just be. I did the same at home, but nobody understood, and when questioned why I’d just say ‘I’m just up to something.’”

Despite being only 19 and having only released two songs (“Can’t” and “Words”), Naaz has already accumulated over 6.5 million streams on Spotify and made waves across international press. You can catch her live in big festivals:

Europe 2017 tour

11/23 – The Great Escape’s First Fifty & Eurosonic (London, UK)

Europe 2018 tour

1/19 – Huze Maas (Eurosonic Noorderslag) (Groningen, Netherlands)