Ali Horn Sends Love Vibes In Psychedelic Fashion In “Bloom”

That foot though

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

Channeling kaleidoscopic melody and The Verve/Stone Roses aura, Ali Horn sends love to his cronies and fam in his new single “Bloom” – a perfect stoner pop that takes you swirling into the mesmeric waters of psychedelia. The track is a factory of good vibes where you join Ali in his own lonely meditation as he radiates positive energy to the world. Instead of emo-ing out in his own isolation, Ali whirls you into a spiritual state where the dense chords and vibrating production takes you into a chillvanic vortex. Play below:

“I guess in essence it’s about loneliness, sitting around out of my head thinking about where all my friends and loved ones were, sending them love and good vibes and hoping they were doing the same” shared Ali.

Ali Horn has been making waves on BBC radio with his single “Days Like Today” which was released back in February. “Bloom” will be available on November 10th via The Label Recordings. What started as a solo basement project, Ali Horn has grown into five members who are continuously crafting ambiguous “baggy/surf” sound, as they describe it. As of now, the UK band hasn’t shared any new show dates yet.