Rap Meets Noise-Punk Explosions In Black Futures’ “Love” Ft. P.O.S.

Supernatural. Galactic. Ear-blowing.

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Black Futures’ new single “Love” ft. P.O.S. feels like being part of a galactic battle where the storming choruses and bombastic beats take over your senses. You can feel the sonic vibrations in your gut while the hair-raising pace keeps your adrenalines flooding in your brain. The hip hop choruses of P.O.S. (founding member of hip hop collective Doomtree) feel like an invigorating punch to your neurons. Stream below:

“Love” is the latest single of the UK duo, who have been making waves with their addictive noise-punk songs. Are they out to conquer the world? Yes.