Letters To Lions Wraps Our Head Around The Aesthetic Chaos Of Life In “Come Around”

Dreamy rock and roll.

Photo: Courtesy of Letters To Lions

Sydney-based quartet, Letter To Lions, puts together the chaotic pieces that come with life changes in their new dreamy rock single “Come Around.” Built on heavy production of fuzzy ambiance and synths, “Come Around” comes striding into your ears as the strumming guitar strings and chord strikes tangle you into a soothing mayhem. The clashing synths and small melodic bursts paint the portrayal of the incessant changes that take place in our daily existence. Stream below:

“It’s a feel good song about life change and the anxiety that accompanies it. We were all living together in a house at the time experiencing some pretty heavy life circumstances, the general vibe of the song is about overcoming adversity and clawing our way out of the hole we had dug,” shared Letters To Lions.

“Come Around” is the first single that Letters To Lions will be pushing in North America and will be released via Indica Records (Australia) and Sonic Unyon (N. America).