Nightshifts Embraces The Unknown In His New Bluesy Cosmic Pop Single “Karma”

“Time flies baby it’s true / Just trying to get through to you”

Photo: Courtesy of Nightshifts

When you are a 20-something individual, uncertainty becomes the companion that you reluctantly hang out with – it’s like an arranged marriage that you can’t avoid. And it never goes away (you just become used to it). Canadian producer, Nightshifts, embraces the unknown in his new single “Karma,” where he takes us into a bluesy, meditative space. The chords’ pulse and gleaming synths yield an outer space vibe that fits the existential lyrics. Anytime you need a its-gonna-be-okay pat, play “Karma”:

“My newest song ‘Karma’ was written at a time when all my friends and I were very unsure about what we wanted to do with our lives. I wrote the song to try and calm my own nerves; to say it’s ok not to know, let’s enjoy the ride” shared Nightshifts.

Co-produced by Young Empires’ Mathew Vlahovich, “Karma” is the latest glimpse into Nightshifts’ debut LP, which will be out on November. Nightshifts first caught the public eye with his remix of Bon Iver’s “Michicant” (which Bon Iver himself paid him to release the remix through JagJaguwar). Hi previous single, “All Along,” already accumulated thousands of streams within a month. Expect to hear more Nightshifts’ goodness next month.