SAFIA Takes Us Across Acid Universe In “Cellophane Rainbow”

It’s a space odyssey…with acid and rainbows.

Photo: SAFIA Facebook

Aussie electro trio, SAFIA, teaches us how to groove while journeying through the galaxy on acid in their new video “Cellophane Rainbow.” The tracks bursts with supernatural synths where the smoky atmosphere and inflated beats that feel like they were crafted in a cooler, more colorful dimension. You feel thoughtlessly enlightened as the echoing vocals ring into your eardrums, taking you to a hypnotic odyssey. Watch below:

Formed in Canberra, SAFIA became one of the top Aussie electro acts with their debut album, Internal, which was released back in September 9th, 2016 and landed No.2 on the ARIA Charts (equivalent of Billboard in Australia). As of now, the trio hasn’t shared any new show dates yet.