TEEN RAVINE’s “Steady On” Is Celestial Xanax To Chill Your Nerves

Exactly what you need.

Photo: Courtesy of Teen Ravine

TEEN RAVINE’S new single “Steady On” is a therapeutic piece of blissful melancholia for anyone . Using an outré combination of shoegazy synths, moody chords, violin, and electronic guitar, TEEN RAVINE creates fluidity with their sound. The track toys with time and shape; it takes off slow as the echoing vocals and melody start uncoiling gently, but once the violin arrive the track reaches a suspenseful moment before the guitar strings burst. Living up to it’s title, “Steady On” ends in slo-mo and leaves you with a sense of rapturing sadness. It is the type of sadness that you get after being high – you’re sad that it ended, but glad that you had the experience. Play below:

“There’s a bridge over the Don River in Toronto and written above it is the phrase: ‘This river I step in is not the river I stand in.’ You could drive over it a thousand times and miss it. But it’s a really beautiful thing…a subtle reminder that no matter how hard we try to resist it, nothing is permanent, everything is in flux” explained TEEN RAVINE.

“Steady On” is from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut LP, which will be out in 2018. Hailing from Toronto, TEEN RAVINE has already amassed thousands of streams with their single “Hall Of Horrors,” which was released a month ago. As of now, no show dates have been announced yet.