Will Joseph Cook Releases EP & Video For His Anti-Fiji Water Song “If You Want To Make Money”

£100,000 video

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Kidding, the budget was actually £1,000 but Will Joseph Cook shows us what he would’ve done if the budget were actually £100,000 in his new video “If You Want To Make Money.” Like the rest of Cook’s videos, it has a punch of humor to it where we see Cook and his crony go on a shopping spree after mishearing that the budge is 100x than what it actually is. “If You Want To Make Money” has the homemade feel and rawness of a YouTube vlog where Cook gets to live in the illusion of “influencer lifestyle” for a few seconds. It is hilarious, but also a reminder of how fragile and misleading it can be:

“The song’s about wanting to trade your life for one you saw online” explained Cook. “So many young people want, or compare themselves to, an LA Instagram lifestyle. The song develops to realise it’s all a front, and the people we’re aspiring to be are just as unsatisfied as we are. It’s also an anti Fiji water protest song.”

The song is from Cook’s EP, with the same title, which is out now and you can play below:

The EP is the follow up of his debut album, Sweet Dreamer, which was released back in April via Atlantic Records.


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