Anavae Become Cult Rockers In “All Or Nothing”

Let’s put on some capes.

Photo: Anavae – All Or Nothing (Official Video) YouTube

UK rock duo, Anavae, delivers an enigmatic and cult-like performance in their new video “All Or Nothing.” The video truly settles for all-or-nothing aesthetics – the duo pour out all of their adrenaline and stage zeal in their video and the storyline is not afraid to go all the way to the top of bizarre scale. It is a haunting combination of uncanny narrative and bursting performance. Watch below:

“All Or Nothing” is form the duo’s new EP, Are You Dreaming?, which was released on October 27th of this year. In regards to the new album, vocalist Rebecca Need-Menear explained, We wanted to make music that was pure to what we were feeling; we wanted to start loving what we were writing and start living what we were thinking”, explains vocalist Rebecca. “It feels like opening a door… it feels like relief.”

The other half of Anavae is Jamie Finch. The duo gained critical acclaim for their second EP, Dimensions, which became top 10 in the iTunes rock chart. Are You Dreaming? is the follow up of their successful sophomore EP and exhibits a far more vigorous sound of electronica rock. As of now, the duo hasn’t unveiled any new tour dates.