Kaixen’s LP ‘Pecado’ Is R&B Electronica For Sinners

Sinfully indulgent.

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Miami-born producer, Kaixen, is far from being a preacher of ‘basic’ electronica – his LP, Pecado (“Sin” in Spanish), is an irresistible orgy of multiple genres that your earholes have been missing. Utilizing elements of house, electronica, R&B, and hip-hop, Kaixen builds outré rhythmic hooks that feel offbeat at first but grows with you like viral plague. Exploring themes of love, lust, and self-discovery, Pecado is the sin you’ll be repeating unapologetically:

“I hear everything a certain way and have an exact feel of how I want things to be. This whole album was really inspired by growth, but growth in doing things we know are wrong. I feel like life tests you, you can make the worst decisions in a given situation and it can stunt or catapult your growth” explained Kaixen.

Julian Munro is the mastermind behind Kaixen, who was formerly trained as a contemporary jazz guitarist. To pursue his music career, Julian actually gave up a full ride to University of Miami as Econ major – which was good. Instead of memorizing marginal costs and benefits graphs (most useless scribbles you’ll ever draw in life, fuck you Microeconomics 101), he went on to working with Grammy-nominated producer Dyrk (Kodak Black, open for Joan Jett and Two Door Cinema Club, and perform in music festivals including III Points Music Festival and Okeechobee Music Festival.

For Pecado, Julian self-produced and collaborated with various hip-hop and R&B singers including Twelve’Len, MRKI, Austin Paul, and many others. The LP was officially released on October 27th via Lush Records.