Experience Bittersweet Nostalgia With Jimmy Smash’s “Macadamian”

R&B built on nostalgic strings.

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Norwegian duo, Jimmy Smash, builds a sonic sanctuary with their single “Macadamian” where the duo utilizes 80s sound and contemporary R&B/synthpop that yield a laid-back chillsphere. It is a bittersweet reminder of simpler and happier days, where the breathing beats and croons seep you with old memories. Stream below:

Comprised of Håvard Lyngstad and Mikkel Guttormsen, the duo started collaborating together in 2012 and has been recently invited to play at Trondheim Calling in 2018. As of now, the duo is working on getting new releases out, so expect to hear new materials in the next few months.