Zkeletonz’ New Postpop Single “Don’t Cover It Up” Is A Halloween Must

You don’t need costumes to look good with this track.

Photo: Courtesy of Zkeletonz

London trio, Zkeletonz, blends the art of DIY pop with postpunk to craft a new genre of music: postpop. The trio’s new single “Don’t Cover It Up” is the perfect postpop splash to your playlist where the kooky arrangements and upbeat cadence nudges you to the dancefloor. The frosting of the track is the vocals – it is not fully high pitch or processed. The vocals feel half-baked, almost as if Zkeletonz only processed it just enough to blend with the electric melody but also keep its rawness. Watch the video below:

Zkeletonz have been features in various magazines, radios (BBC) and even been named as “worst band name” by South Wales Buzz Magazine. But who cares about South Wales. Also, their name is not as weird as their next concert venue:

11/2 – Gwdihŵ Café Bar (Cardiff, UK)

12/20 – Nambucca (London, UK)