Binky’s “Fireflies” Is The Country-Tinted Urban Pop Your Motivational Playlist Needs

Rising country poptress

Photo: Courtesy of Sonnet Music

Whether you like country music or not, Binky’s latest single “Fireflies” is one graceful piece that both non-lovers/lovers of the genre can enjoy. The London songstress seamlessly blends elements of country and urban pop to produce a sound that is still powered by strings-centric melody, but is also glossed with rhythmic hooks. If you need a motivational kick, “Fireflies” is your answer. Watch the video below:

Binky is already a famous singer in the British country scene for being the presenter of Sky TV’s The Smith & Rogers Country show. Following her successful career in TV, Blinky has decided to focus on her passion for country pop by working with various producers. While she hasn’t shared any details regarding new album or EP, expect to hear more from the songstress in the next upcoming months.